About The Tactical Network


Special Tactics is honored to provide the world’s first full-featured, professional/social networking site dedicated solely to the tactical community. Every tactical professional knows that one of the most critical factors that can lead to success or failure is the ability to develop strong inter-service and interagency relationships. The military, law enforcement, private security, academic and civilian tactical communities can learn a great deal by sharing ideas. The Tactical Network functions like any other social or professional networking site but provides unique benefits that make it the ideal platform for the tactician…

SECURITY: Unlike other social networking sites that present many potential security pitfalls, the Tactical Network blocks foreign access from outside the United States and is equipped with the industry’s best security software to prevent a security breach. The Tactical Network also enforces strict guidelines for operational security (OPSEC) and will remove any information that might be considered sensitive or dangerous. There are currently plans to add allied nations to the network but potentially hostile nations (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea etc.) will always be blocked.

PRIVACY: The Tactical Network is made by the tactical community, for the tactical community and therefore has no desire to collect, keep or exploit personal information for monetary gain. Any information you share on the site will stay on the site and will not be used for any other purposes. You can completely delete all of your information/activity at any time. Also, the Tactical Network offers advanced privacy settings allowing you to be completely invisible on the site, or only visible to those you choose within your own network/organization.

FEATURES: Every feature of the Tactical Network is designed for the tactical community. Your profile page offers fields to share unclassified details about your tactical experience, skills, preferred equipment etc. You can add friends/contacts, post news on your wall, share pictures and insights with other members. You can also create a page for your tactical business, advertise your products/services and develop a following and customer base.

Join our community of tactical professionals and establish connections and relationships with likeminded individuals coming from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Click the button below to get started and remember, never share any sensitive information on the Tactical Network and if you are worried about security, be sure to adjust your profile visibility and privacy options under settings.