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Mission Command (Auftragstakitk)

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Auftragstaktik is a, "broad concept...embracing aspects of...a theory of the nature of war, character and leadership traits, tactics, command and control, senior subordinate relationships, and training and education. It...[is] a comprehensive approach to warfighting." The best way to implement Auftragstaktik is to examine how others have done it through case studies. Until recently, most historical studies focused on the Prussian and German practice of Mission Command on the battlefield. Recently, new studies have begun to consider the “peacetime practices” that enabled Mission Command in the German Army. Even the U.S. Army has recently stated in its Field Manual 7-0, Training, “If mission command is not practiced in training, leaders will not use it in operations.” Recent research focuses on the link between Auftragstaktik and the German military education system. German institutions had evolved since the reforms of Gerhard von Scharnhorst in 1809. Over the course of a century they evolved together with an emphasis on developing and nurturing leaders of strong character and independent mind. These individuals took and sought responsibility, even taking joy in the challenge of decision making. Special Tactics takes these lessons and applies them to current courses, and more so in the future as the staff develops and releases courses that deal how to develop adaptability and develop people to succeed in a culture of Mission Command.

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