Online Academy/Course Description


Special Tactics offers the world’s premier online tactical training courses and resources. We have carefully designed each course to complement Special Tactics manuals and help you learn and retain knowledge as quickly as possible. However, remember that you cannot develop tactical proficiency by reading a book or watching a video. All Special Tactics training materials are designed to support a real-world training program with practical applications and physical activities.

Special Tactics online digital courses cover a range of subjects and the Special Tactics staff and contributor network will continually add new courses and update existing course features and content. Every course is a living and evolving product and we are constantly striving to improve and adapt based on the ever-changing operational environment. Currently, courses include the following learning resources and activities…

INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION: This works just like a PowerPoint presentation but offers many more learning features than most traditional presentations.

PRESENTATION AUDIO: Most presentation slides will include audio narration, where you will be able to listen to a virtual instructor explain tactical tasks and principles. You can play, pause or repeat the audio narration at any time.

PRESENTATION DRAWING TOOLS: Instructor can draw on any slide using either a red pen or highlighter tool to add visual references or explain different scenarios.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Some slides will include discussion questions that you can reveal using a clickable tab. Using discussion questions is optional and most questions have no right answer.

ANIMATIONS AND VIDEOS: Some presentations will include animations and videos to provide live demonstrations of tactical techniques or maneuvers.

GRADED EVALUATIONS: Each module will include a multi-media quiz and each course ends with a comprehensive test. The evaluations are optional and not required to move forward in a course.

AUDIO PODCASTS: Some sections of the course will include downloadable audio podcasts that you can play on your mobile device.

If you are the leader/commander of a unit or have your own tactical school, you can enroll your entire unit or class in a course, then assign yourself the role of “group leader.” This will allow you to track subordinate/student performance, provide feedback and post additional assignments. You can also integrate any of our digital materials into a live course as homework, pre-learning, or classroom presentation.

You must become a free or elite member to access course materials. As a free member you will have to purchase courses individually but as an Elite member, you will be able to access all current and future courses for free. Click below to choose your membership level and get started.