Doesn't selling tactics courses online present a security risk?

Special Tactics takes OPSEC (Operational Security) very seriously. We do not sell any classified materials and the site is currently blocked to all countries except the United States, in order to avoid ITAR (International Traffic of Arms Regulations) violations. We plan to open the site to allied countries once we have obtained the proper ITAR clearances. In addition, the tactics in the open courses are all defensive in nature and designed for self-defense. We provide courses in more dangerous, offensive, team techniques to U.S. government clients and to civilian trainers and security professionals on a case-by-case basis. Contact us to request clearance to access these restricted materials.

Who are we?

Special Tactics was developed by a network of experts with diverse backgrounds from the military, law enforcement and academic communities. Our mission is to help improve United States and allied national security capabilities through training and education. The name “Special Tactics” is not intended to suggest any connection with U.S. Air Force Special Tactics.

Why anonymous?

We have chosen to remain anonymous for several reasons. Some of our staff value their privacy and prefer not to have public attention. In other cases, staff do not want to affiliate Special Tactics books with their previous organizations or do not want to limit their future employment opportunities. Perhaps most importantly, we have found that “credentials” are one of the biggest obstacles to the open sharing of tactical knowledge. The Army community frequently clashes with the Navy. Military and law enforcement professionals often disagree in tactical debates. If we claimed affiliation with one service or group, we would likely provoke negative or biased assumptions from other groups. By remaining anonymous, we let the quality of our products and ideas speak for itself. That is how we prefer to operate but we understand if people disagree with our perspective and choose not to buy our products.